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Owning your digital work is more important than ever. Ownchain makes it easy to mint and monetize your digital photos, videos, mp3s and blogs on Ethereum with sovereign smart contracts and custom NFT storefront websites. Anyone can mint an NFT and launch their own decentralized website without needing to code or manage private keys


Ownchain creates you an indivually-hosted website to display and sell your NFT collections.

So far the ability for individual creators and businesses to mint, buy and sell NFTs has been limited to centrazlied marketplaces like OpenSea

We believe in a future where creators own their smart contracts and the websites to display their digital art.. By owning their own smart contracts and website creators have far more control over their work and receive better revenues.

Our mission is to give ownership back into the hands of creators and reduce the technical barrier to entry for true soverign ownership.


  • Mint NFTs with just your email or option to use non-custodial wallet
  • Custom branded website and domain
  • Minimal, responsive designed websites
  • Collectible NFTs of any type (photos, videos, blogs, and music)
  • Creator owned smart contracts
  • Earn lifelong royaltyies
  • Integrates with OpenSea
  • Customize branding
  • Track & withdraw earnings immediately to your wallet


Who's it for

Ownchain is made for anyone who creates on the internet.

Specifically Ownchain is best suited for digital creators and forward-thinking digital brands.

Using Ownchain brands can create exclusive experiences with limited edition NFT drops and creators can monetize their art on their own platform.


This is a brief, non-exhaustive list of some cool applications we've seen:

  • Curate an art gallery
  • Monetize your digital artwork
  • Digitally native NFT subscriptions
  • Gatekeep exclusive content for publications
  • Music-festival tickets

Next steps

Learn how to launch your storefront and start minting in minutes